Auto Body Services in Colorado Springs, CO

auto body repairYour vehicle is an investment and one that needs to be taken care of. If you’ve been in an accident or have a car that’s started to accumulate dents over time, make sure you’re doubling down on your investment with auto body repair services. From major collision repair to simple dent removal in Colorado Springs, CO, AMS Auto Body provides all of the bodywork services your vehicle needs to look like new again:

  • Collision repair:
    After an accident, no matter how major or minor, your vehicle will need extensive repairs. This can include fixing or replacing damaged mechanical components, replacing damaged panels, fiberglass repair or replacement and more, depending on the extent of the damage. Visit our shop after an accident to ensure your car is getting full and complete auto repair.
  • Frame repair:
    If the frame of your car is damaged in any way, it’s going to cause major problems for the rest of the mechanical systems. Our shop can assess your frame to determine any misalignment and re-bend or adjust your frame to set it straight once again.
  • Paintless dent repair:
    Got a dent you need removed? We specialize in paintless dent repair in Colorado Springs, CO! This method avoids any welding and painting, while removing any dents to restore your panels to perfection. It’s often cheaper and quicker than traditional dent removal methods.
  • car painting

  • Car painting:
    Painting is necessary after repairs or to resolve other blemishes on your car. We can match dealer paint hues perfectly to provide your car with touchups and new paint jobs, so it looks perfect. We don’t cut corners while painting, guaranteeing you’re getting the best quality results.
  • Suspension repair:
    Many accidents that require bodywork also demand suspension repair. We’ll check to see if your suspension has suffered any damage and can repair and replace parts as part of our auto body repair services.

Whether you’re walking away from a major accident or are just tired of looking at dents and dings from wear and tear, AMS Auto Body is here for you. We provide a complete breadth of auto body repair services, to restore your car to its fullest integrity. Contact us today at 719-550-4767 to schedule an appointment.